When Nothing You Do is Working, Perhaps The Best Thing to Do is Nothing

Do you have days when you feel lost at sea, overwhelmed and powerless against the world? Do your goals seem unreachable, are people making your life unbearable or do your problems seem insurmountable? There will be some days where you feel caught in a riptide and dragged far from shore. What do you do?

Do you double up your efforts, train harder, work more furiously, or defend your position more vehemently? Often when we are off balance our decision making process is compromised. Our perspective shifts and our motivation no longer comes from our genuine soul centre. Instead of experiencing gratitude for all we have, our actions are fear-based as we desperately grab onto the things we think we need. In these situations it is good to remember what the Dalai Lama said: “sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”

When nothing you do is helping you reach your goals, then possibly the best thing to do is nothing. Have you ever been caught in a rip tide while swimming in the ocean? Then you will know that fighting against it is not only pointless, you could exhaust yourself and end up drowning. Why not try a new approach? Kick back, relax, float on your back, conserve your energy and enjoy the scenery. Breathe deeply. Accept the lesson the Universe is trying to teach you.

ocean panorama © Dreamstime Elwynn

Instead of swimming against the current when it is getting you nowhere, tread water for a while. Summon all your resources for emergency self maintenance. Spend time with people who love and support you. Take time to meditate, do yoga, work in your garden, play catch with your dog. Start writing a gratitude diary and list everything you do have in your life to be thankful for. Take a day off and drive out into Nature: smell the fresh breeze as it playfully pulls at your hair, gaze in wonder at butterflies, listen to birds sing and feel the sun gently kiss your face. Breathe deeply. Celebrate the powerful life force that resides in you.

Then find a quiet place and get in touch with what inpires you. Imagine yourself a year from now after one of your best years ever. Experience the thrill and sense of accomplishment as you visualise what you will feel like after achieving your goals. How good does your body feel at its ideal weight? How fantastic does it feel to have energy with your new found health? How fulfilling is it to have warm loving relationships after ironing out your differences? How rewarding is it to achieve your financial and business oriented goals? Breathe deeply. Know this is all true. You can make it happen.

In a world that often moves so quickly it is easy to lose oneself, know that this is time well spent as you plant your feet more firmly on the ground that is you. When you operate from a solid sense of self, your intentions will ensure you move in the right direction.

Have faith that one morning soon, you will wake up on the crest of a wave that will carry you back to shore. You will be ready to carry on, stronger than before.


Wishing you well on your Elated Journey!