Videos Exposing Animal Agriculture

Farm animals do not live an idyllic life. They experience immense trauma even on the most ‘humane’ kill floor. We rob animals of their dignity when we farm them for their body parts and exploit their reproductive organs. Many exposés show animals at their dirtiest and their most desperate. This does not reflect on the true nature of the animals. It shows them in the worst possible light and we must be careful not to let this undermine their intelligence and camouflage their sentience in our eyes. These videos are glaring examples of how we objectify animals. It is our responsibility.

It is possible for you to discover the truth behind animal products and comprehend the injustice of using animals as resources, without being bombarded with graphic imagery. More than half of the videos below do not show graphically violent imagery. However, sometimes we have to see it with our own eyes before we will believe the horrific nature of the animal abuse that routinely occurs in animal agriculture. For your protection, a warning is posted before the more serious issues.

When encountering upsetting footage of animal exploitation, please remember that non-human animals have a right to life, and that reducing their suffering to a lesser form of torture is not acceptable. The only ethical solution that makes any meaningful difference in an animal’s life is a vegan lifestyle and the abolition of all animal use.

No Graphic Violence

The Emotional World of Farm Animals
– Full Documentary Animal Place

playAnimal Voices Radio
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

playThe Faces of “Free-Range”
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

playA kiss before dying.
No graphic violence.

Speciesism – The Movie
– Mark Devries

playThe Ghosts in Our Machine
 – Jill Marshall

The Secrets of Food Marketing
– Compassion in World Farming

May Contain Graphic Violence

Warning: 5 of the next 9 clips contain disturbing images of the animal abuse inherent in all animal agriculture. Have the courage to discover the truth and then empower yourself to be a part of the solution – be vegan!

playMaking the Connection
Part 1 – The Vegan Society

playMaking the Connection
Part 2 – The Vegan Society

– Trailer

playMad Cowboy – Trailer
– Howard Lyman

playPeaceable Kingdom
– Tribe of Heart

playThe Witness – Full Documentary
– Tribe of Heart

playEarthlings – Full Documentary
Warning: The Truth is
Highly Disturbing

playWatching the first 5 minutes of Earthlings
A compassionate transformation.
No graphic imagery

playThe Extremism of Veganism
Bite Size Vegan

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Thank you for taking the time to witness what the animals experience on our behalf. Do you want to save farm animals from suffering and death? The all-encompassing solution is for you to go vegan.

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