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plasma screen in forest 123rf Oleg Doroshin x226

Vegan Values

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Farmed Animals

Vegan Cooking Shows

Vegan Cooking Shows

Vegan Health Experts

Vegan Health Experts

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Vegan Athletes

Child-friendly Animal Videos

Child-friendly Videos

Vegan Videos and Documentaries

Are you looking for a positive vegan message? The following video sites offer uplifting and informational visuals of what you can expect in a vegan life. They range from the gentle and beautiful ‘A Life Connected’, to the must-see ‘Why Vegan?’, and include interviews and commentaries on animal rights and veganism.

playA Life Connected

playWhy Vegan?
Evolve Campaigns

playColleen Patrick-Goudreau
The Joyful Vegan

playLive and let Live – Trailer
A Film by Marc Pierschel

playGary L Francione
I’m Vegan

playTom Regan: Animal Rights
An Introduction in 5 Parts

playYour Role in Global Depletion
Richard Oppenlander

play The World Peace Diet
Dr Will Tuttle

playVegans Can’t Eat Anything!
Shelley Williams

playDo You Want to Make
History? – The Vegan Society

playMAN’s Relation to the
Natural World – Steve Cutts

playAre Human Beings Natural
Meateaters? – Bizarro

playHonoring God’s Creation 1
Christian Veg Association

playHonoring God’s Creation 2
Christian Veg Association

playThe argument for not eating
octopus – Luiz Antonio

Vegan Waiter

You can also visit The Vegan Feed for other interesting vegan videos.

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Do you want to live a joyful life? A life where you are connected with your compassionate nature and true to your moral values? Go vegan to totally extricate yourself from the exploitation of animals. For more information contact Elated.