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One thing is for certain, you need never be hungry or bored when following a vegan lifestyle! There are literally thousands of exclusively vegan recipe sites out there. There are so many possibilities and the creativity is boundless. Hundreds of dedicated vegans are cooking up culinary masterpieces and sharing their recipes with everyone … for free!

I have contacted a few of my very favourite foodies and been granted permission to re-publish their creations on Elated. These essential recipes are all easy to make, using ingredients that are readily available in most countries and it goes without saying … they will be delicious!

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Real Vegan Hard Boiled Eggs - a world first! Photo © Miriam "Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes'.Breakfasts


A simple, heart warming recipe for lentil cottage pie. Comfort food that will bring back memories of your Mom’s home cooking. Photo © Jade 'The Wild Bulb'.

Main Meals


Add colour to your vegan braai dishes with a few colourful vegetable kebabs. Photo © Mel 'Simple Vegan Cooking.'Snacks and Sides


Vegan Strawberry and Citrus Crumble is perfect for a summer's afternoon with a china cup of peppermint infusion, or a glass of bubbly. Photo © Jade 'The Wild Bulb'.Desserts


Vegan recipe for sweetcorn fritters that are a tasty kid-friendly treat that can be enjoy by the young at heart. Photo © Mel 'Simple Vegan Cooking'.Kids’ Meals


This Sunny Coloured Cream Cheese© is deliciously spreadable! Photo © Jen 'Bella Vegan'.Cheese & Milk


I would like to say thank you to the team of inspired foodie bloggers for these wonderful recipes.

Please note, the recipes on this site may be subject to copyright.
Please respect the hard work of the contributors by asking for
their permission before re-publishing.

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