Vegan Recipe Sites and Cooking Shows

There are as many styles of vegan cooking as there are types of people. From one pot wonders to cordon bleu, junk food to fat-free, comfort food to raw food, healthy and decadent. But there is no doubt that vegan food is absolutely delicious and is often the first to be finished at an omnivorous buffet. The following websites offer comprehensive resources to fill your days and years with delicious vegan meals.

Vegan Cooking Shows and Videocasts

You will find more plant-based recipes, videos and cooking tips online than you can ever hope to get through. However, sometimes we just aren’t going to believe something until we see it, right? So, here are a few videocasts to get you started.

play Colleen Patrick-Goudreau     
Kale Chips and Kale Salad

play Heather Nauta
Healthy Eating Starts Here

playDr Joel Fuhrman
Orange and Nut Dressing
playLindsay Nixon – Happy Herbivore
Easy Meals

play Leigh-Chantelle
Viva la Vegan

play Joel Luks
YouTube Channel

play Brittany
The Tofu Guru

play Cobi

play Chef Del – Wellness Forum
Sauté Veggies w/o Oil

play Lisa
Raw Food For Kids

play Fully Raw Kristina
Fully Raw Burrito

play Veg-It Grant Nash
‘Beef’ Stroganoff

play Miyoko’s Kitchen – Part 1
Burgers Bacon & Chips

play Miyoko’s Kitchen – Part 2
Burgers Bacon & Chips

play Candice Hutchings
The Edgy Veg

play Dr Will Tuttle & Madeleine’s
Green Smoothie


Vegan Recipe Sites

Cooking, or un-cooking vegan food is very intuitive. However, to spice up your life you might want to try innovative recipes and discover cooking techniques to inspire your non-vegan friends and family. There are many talented chefs, who also happen to be vegan and are willing to share their recipes with you. Here is a selection to start with. Create, share, enjoy!


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