How To Create Your Own Vegan Meal Plans

Creating your meals will become far simpler from now on out. Making your meals fun and tasty will take no more effort than if you were planning to eat as an omnivore. It is simply something new. See this time in your life as an adventure! Focus on all the new options that you do have, instead of focusing on what you are choosing to leave out.

Get ready to wow your family and friends with combinations of vibrantly healthy and radiantly colourful foods into delicious meals. Photo © iStock monkeybusinessimages.


  • a shot of wheat grass or essential green smoothie to start every day
  • quinoa porridge with banana and syrup
  • muesli with seed mix, dried fruit and plant-based milk
  • oats, sorghum or maizemeal porridge with brown sugar and cinnamon
  • fresh fruit smoothie with banana and ground flax seeds
  • muffin and jam
  • savoury tofu scramble, grilled tomatoes and tempeh bacon
  • sautéed mushrooms and faux sausage
  • toast with nut butter, jam or Marmite
  • pancakes with banana, vegan cream and agave syrup.


  • veggie burger
  • corn on the cob
  • Vivo’s pizza
  • vegetable stirfry
  • vegan cheese, cucumber, chutney and tomato sandwich
  • bagel and vegan cream cheese
  • artichoke, chickpea and avocado salad with sprouts
  • humus on corn thins with salad
  • faux chicken strips and salad wraps
  • mung dahl with basmati rice
  • avocado and cucumber maki


  • tofu in red curry with rice spaghetti
  • pasta, mushrooms and vegan cream
  • soya mince lasagna
  • lentil cottage pie
  • macaroni and cheese
  • pizza with vegan cheese, capers, black olives, spinach and avocado
  • stirfry chicken strips and julienne style vegetable with jasmine rice
  • gazpachio or lentil soup with health bread

Snacks and Desserts

  • fresh fruit
  • 50-60 g tree nuts every day
  • dried fruit
  • fresh veggie or fruit juice
  • nachos with guacamole
  • spicy chickpea popcorn
  • black cherries with tofu ice cream
  • waffles with soya cream and maple syrup
  • soya, rice protein or hemp meal protein powder
  • for the feel-good hormones, nibble on pumpkin seeds, raw cacao and goji berries.
  • warm rice milk with a teaspoon of de-sulphured molasses


What did you make? Upload some photos of your creations and the recipes you used.

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