Vegan Athletes

Yes, it is a myth that we need animal protein. Vegan athletes don’t merely survive. They thrive and compete at Olympic level! They are also leading the way and breaking new frontiers in many sporting arenas. Here are success stories, tips and biographies galore. Get out your vegan protein shake, hop on your bike, put on your running shoes and become a healthy role model for those people, who are not vegan yet, to follow!

Vegan Athlete Videos

Author 80/10/10 Diet — Dr Douglas Graham

Ultra Marathon Running — Fiona Oakes

Iron Man — Brendan Brazier

Bodybuilding — Robert Cheeke

Bodybuilding — Derek Tresize

Ultra Endurance Athlete — Scott Jurek

Ultra Endurance Athlete — Rich Roll

Calisthenics — Frank Medrano

Parkour and Freerunning — Chris Lodge

Bodybuilding — Michelle LeBlanc

Personal Training – Ed Bauer


Vegan Athlete Links


Would you like to exceed your athletic goals? Go Vegan! Photo © Scott Jurek. Follow this link to get his book 'Eat & Run'.

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