There is No Them – It is Up to Us

When our minds are initially opened to the mind-numbing cruelty involved in animal exploitation; following the sheer horror we feel at the enormity of the situation; our initial feeling is often one of bitter betrayal. We have naively trusted “them” to care for our health needs by supplying us with nutritious food. We have also taken it for granted that “they” will take care of our planet and be kind to farm animals.

While experiencing this awakening we need to ask ourselves who “they” really are? At some point in our childhood we discovered that Santa Clause is our Uncle Harry, the tooth fairy was our Mom and the Easter Bunny doesn’t exist. Now is the time to let go of yet another of our childhood fantasies: that there is anyone out there, in a position of power, who will look out for the survival of Earth, the rights of animals, or the health of our children. There is no benign guiding human hand in all of this. Big business and government are merely supplying products and services that we are demanding.

It is up to us as individuals to change our lifestyles and become conscientious consumers. We need to take a stand for compassion, justice and health. While at the same time, understanding that business and government are motivated primarily by financial enrichment.

“If the Earth were to suffer a catastrophic anthropogenic extinction event over the next ten years, which it will, American business would continue to focus on its quarterly profit and loss. There is no economic mechanism for dealing with catastrophe.”
— Kim Stanley Robinson ‘Forty Signs of Rain’

There is no them.  The future of this beautiful planet is up to us. Photo © 123RF Igor Goncharenko

So, while people are being poisoned by the ever-increasing contaminated animal products and our Earth is heading towards a global catastrophe, we need to let go of this mass paranoia that these outcomes are “their” primary purpose. It is nothing personal. We need to stop the angry, finger pointing rants and just get down to resolving the issues.

The solution is so simple: a vegan lifestyle.
Farm animals are freed from their suffering.
The planet recovers. Our health thrives.

While we know this truth and do nothing, then we need to acknowledge that it is us who is responsible for the torture and murder of animals, the slow death of our planet and the life-threatening health issues that face our families.

It is up to us, not them. Be part of the solution: Go Vegan.

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