The Humane Myth

Please do not advise people to purchase ‘humane’ animal products. They do not exist. Farmers breed, exploit and slaughter animals because this is how they make a living. They do not run farm sanctuaries. Their purpose is not to ‘care’ for animals, it is to make money.

Feeding animals is expensive. Housing them is expensive. Paying for the land is expensive. Veterinary care is expensive. The only reason any farm animal is brought into existence is because it will earn the farmer an income, either from the slaughter of that animal, or from extracting the most value from them in other ways, ie wool, egg or milk production, before they get slaughtered; and the only reason the farmer breeds them is to profit from their death.

Calling any stock farming or slaughter process ‘humane’ is merely making it easier for people to consume animal products.

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