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backyard husky

Are You Neglecting Your Dog?

Do you have a dog back home who is locked in a yard, or in a flat? Are you his one and only contact with the outside world? When you get to go out every day, he sits at home waiting for you. A great way for you to show your appreciation would be to […]

Dogs are absolutely dependent on us. We hold their lives in our hands. Let's be worthy of their trust. Photo © morgueFile jdurham.

I Trusted You, A Dumped Dog’s Anguish

By Penny Elms When you clipped the leash to my collar, I trusted that we were heading somewhere fun. When you walked me into the strange building, a tingling of fear ran through my body, but I trusted that we were going somewhere safe. When you handed my leash to the waiting hands of a […]

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What To Do When Your Easter Bunny Grows Up?

As the Easter weekend approaches many excited kids are dreaming of receiving live Easter Bunnies. Are you one of the animal lovers who can’t wait to give the joy of animal companionship to someone special? Perhaps you have found the perfect bunny already. Please think carefully before giving him away. Here are a few reasons […]

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Is Killing Animals Ever Morally Excusable?

There almost always comes a point when we have to decide that the dog, cat or horse that we own is better off dead than alive. When your dog is blind, deaf, having seizures and seems to be in constant pain; would it be wrong to keep him alive with constant medical assistance? Would it […]

labrador under white Christmas tree 8458481_s 123RF Erik Reis

Are You Giving Someone an Animal For Xmas?

They look so cute and people are always ecstatic to get them, but do you really think giving an animal as a gift is a good idea? As we enter the silly season, animal sanctuaries across the world are bracing themselves for the stampede. Before Christmas animals are dropped off by people who have exciting […]