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Do you care about orangutans? Please go vegan. Photo © Burrard-Lucas.com.

Is Palm Oil Vegan?

New vegans are often criticised for not adhering to principles which have nothing to do with being vegan. One of the most hotly contended issues is whether palm oil is vegan. Palm Oil Is Vegan – It Comes From Palm Fruit Being vegan means not eating, wearing, or using animal products. According to these criteria, […]

Mainstream veganism means getting plant-based foods into the large retail outlets. Just like this Silk Pumpkin Spice milk, as it proudly shoulders dairy milk off the shelf.

Non-Dairy Milk Riding High On The WhiteWave

There is a whole new market opening up for plant-based foods, and Multi-National Corporations are eager to ride the wave. Yet many vegans vehemently oppose and sabotage their efforts. Why is this? One company who is taking advantage of this new market trend is WhiteWave Foods in USA. Their public offering in July 2013 successfully […]

edamame green pod dreamstime_xs_13103112 Vtorous

What About GM Soya?

Soya is used in many vegan products, including non-dairy milks and cheeses, meat substitutes and tofu. With concerns surrounding GMOs growing daily, people are prone to panic upon hearing a product contains soya, mistakenly assuming that it will always be genetically modified soya. This is not necessarily true. Are Vegan Products Free From GM Soya? […]

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Why Not Single Issue Campaigns and Petitions?

Are you being bombarded on a daily basis by campaigns and petitions that feature the most heinous and unthinkable abuse of animals? Do they make you feel hopeless and powerless against the evils of the world? Please stop and think about it for a moment. There definitely are ways you can help animals right now. […]

Inter-brand light-hearted rivalry was apparent on the Silk PureAlmond milk box which proudly displayed the message

Making A Wish For Mainstream Non-Dairy Milk

Did you know you can make tasty, healthy milk from oats, rice, almonds, hazelnuts, seeds, legumes, coconut, soya and even hemp? You can even buy a few of these options from your local supermarket. However, many people still believe that being vegan means you have to give up milk. This is not the only misconception […]