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Every Second Counts For Animals

How many animals are killed for food in the US each year? Adjusting for pre-slaughter farmed animal mortality rates, industrial farming claimed the lives of 8.38 billion land animals in 2018 to support the U.S. food supply: Chickens: 7,958,900,000 Turkeys: 226,580,000 Cattle (incl. calves): 35,810,000 Pigs: 123,680,000 Ducks: 28,620,000 Sheep (incl. lambs): 6,880,000 Aquatic animal deaths are […]


Do Animals Need a Bill of Rights?

Do you believe that animals deserve basic legal rights? Should there be legal remedy for animals who have had unnecessary suffering and death inflicted upon them? Yes! Right? However there seems to be confusion between what truly constitutes an animal’s rights and what we think our duties should be towards them. Elated drew up a […]

Marcie and friend - Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

Portrait of Marcie … A Beautiful Soul

When Marcie arrived at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, she had already lost everything—her freedom, her community, her family, her youth, every baby she had ever had, everyone she had ever loved, everyone she had ever trusted, everything that was familiar. She arrived in this new world with nothing except, for the brief time before she went […]

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Two Animal Voices I Will Never Forget

There are two animals’ voices I will never forget. They often keep me awake at night. Some days as I hear their cries in my head, the enormity of the battle we face seems overwhelming and it is difficult not to feel helpless and insignificant in the face of apparently insurmountable odds. However the stakes […]

Melvin Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

Turkeys All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go

So it is the New Year and Christmas is long gone. Have you ever stopped to consider the trail of destruction our festive season has left in its wake? Walking into the supermarket frozen goods section I was confronted with a freezer taking up half the aisle that was entirely full of dressed turkeys. Very […]

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No ‘Humane’ Dairy Products Here

There is no such thing as ‘humane’ dairy and we ask you not to promote it. When you advocate for welfare reforms that result in ‘humane’ dairy products you are actively participating in: RAPE — the violation of a cow’s reproductive organs. KIDNAP — the removal of her newborn calves so that the milk she […]

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Are You Battling To Give Up Dairy?

Yes it can be difficult when you are making changes in your life. We feel attached to dairy products for many reasons. Could you be addicted to cheese? Or perhaps you are depending on food to give you the nurturing you could get elsewhere. Here are a few tips on how you can nip your […]

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Give Up Red Meat Without Trading Animals’ Lives

Have you decided to give up ‘red meat’? If you are simply replacing ‘red meat’ with chicken, fish, eggs or dairy, you could end up causing more suffering for animals than before. If you consider yourself to be a compassionate person, then please take a moment to see how you can make your food choices count for […]

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Seeing for Two: If His Mother Could See Him Now

If his mother could see him now—her beloved boy, alive and well, and cherished, in a land of love and plenty. If she could see the way he sauntered out of the rescue trailer, swift and surefooted as a deer, the way he glided into this welcoming world as if he recognized it, as if […]

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Caring About Live Sheep Export is Not Enough

Recently the NSPCA published an extremely upsetting photo of one of the sheep who literally suffered to death while being transported from Namibia. Live export of sentient beings is morally reprehensible. The conditions are often appalling and animals languish for days with no food or water, and often so many animals are crammed together that […]