Sign This Petition: I Am Vegan For Life!

Do animals matter to you? Do you feel it is wrong to kill animals unnecessarily? You will save the lives of over 400 animals every year by being vegan. Please take your first step today by signing this Petition ‘I am Vegan For Life!’ It is the single most important thing you can do to free farm animals, heal your health and save our environment. It is also easy, joyful, life-affirming, healthy and the best decision you will ever make!

Sign this Petition today and
together we can do something
truly meaningful for animals!
r-arrowi-am-vegan-for-lifeSign the petition at

Currently almost 3,000 farm animals are being killed every second for human consumption! That doesn’t even include the trillion sea creatures and other animals who literally suffer to death on farms before they even reach someone’s plate. Animals are sentient beings. They have needs, preferences and desires. However, we kill them because they taste good. We have absolutely no nutritional need for animal products, we can get all of the nutrients we need from plants.

The aim of this campaign is to show vegan solidarity. Together, we can achieve something very meaningful for animals! However, we will need your help to reach our goal of 10,000 signatures. Would you like to help us make this campaign a success for veganism and animals? If you do agree, then please sign and share.

Do you love animals? Commit to being vegan for life!

Messages of Support From Noteworthy Vegans

“Finally! Someone has created a real Animal Rights petition! This petition to be vegan for life is the only petition that makes any sense at all when it comes to animal rights, and is so far the only real animal rights petition I have seen, and it is the first petition involving nonhuman animals who I have signed since I became an abolitionist vegan. So I am very grateful to Elated for creating this petition and I hope many people sign it and promote it to help others realise that this is the best way, the only way, to help all animals. Thank you! Please sign!”
Elizabeth Collins — NZ Vegan

“This is the most effective positive action anyone can take in our world today, both undercutting the violence, and promoting peace, kindness, health, and sustainability.”
Will Tuttle — The World Peace Diet

“Finally, the one petition that would obviate the need for all others!”
Barbara DeGrande — Veganacious

“I am vegan for the life of other animals, because just like us, they are sentient beings who value their lives and deserve to live free from harm. Let’s stop thinking of them as “things” for us to use and start seeing them as the beautiful individuals they are. Let’s stop participating in violence towards them – we have no need, and no good reason, to. Let’s work together to create positive, peaceful change in the world – for all animals, both human and non. I am Vegan for Life. Are you?”
Emmy James — Peaceful Abolitionist

“I have been an unwavering vegan for 34 years – I could never demand and participate in the violent assault, objectification, enslavement, and oppression of other animals, and I feel good about myself because of that. Living vegan has uplifted my life in all ways.”
Butterflies Katz — Veganism: A Truth Whose Time Has Come

“I am vegan because I believe in a universal right to life and opportunity for all beings, and I don’t think humans should exploit their position of power to favour themselves. I am not willing to cause suffering to others merely to satisfy my own selfish tastes.”
Sheldon Hey — VeganSA

“Being vegan is the first and most profound step an individual can take towards ending nonhuman enslavement. This petition will be a monument for the vegan movement, please help build it.”
Stevie and Luc — Team Earthling

“People often think that veganism is a diet but it is way, way, more than that. It is a philosophy about human-nonhuman relations. It is a rethinking of our interactions with other animals, each other, and with the planet on which we live.”
Roger Yates — On Human Nonhuman Relations

“I’m always proud to support Vegans promoting Veganism, its such an important message for the animals!”
Jordan Wyatt — Coexisting with Nonhuman Animals

Sign this Petition today and
together we can do something
truly meaningful for animals!
r-arrowi-am-vegan-for-lifeSign the petition at


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