Rosewood Cranberry & Parsley Tree Not So Rosy

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It is difficult to find a special gift for a rabbit that is vegan and healthy. So I was thrilled when my friendly neighbourhood Vetshop showed me the Christmas treats from Rosewood. There were a few options for small animals, but most of them contained egg. I chose the egg-free Cranberry & Parsley Tree which sounded delicious and healthy as it contains parsley, vegetable starch, millet, cereals, cranberries, carrots, pumpkin and star anise.

My bunny friend, Mischief was just as excited as I was when she was first introduced to the tree while still in the packaging and leapt around trying to reach it. Unfortunately, once opened, her reaction was not as enthusiastic. First she froze, smelling the air, gave it a tentative nibble, then turned her back decisively.

Mischief Bunny was far more interested in her Christmas gift in the packaging that after it had been unwrapped. Photo © Karen Johnson - The Elated Vegan.

When I reached over and handed her one of the cranberries that had fallen off, she politely smelt it, then licked my finger apologetically as if to say I mustn’t take it personally, before hopping off to lick herself clean after the disappointing anti-climax.


This product has failed Elated's product review.

Perhaps it was just the star anise, but we would recommend you don’t waste your money. Instead you can create a trail of cranberries for a tasty, healthy and far more economical treat.
Review by Mischief.


Product Information

Available at selected Vetshops in South Africa.
Manufactured by Rosewood in Shropshire, UK.

1 x Cranberry & Parsley Tree = R69

* Pricing is merely an estimate at the time this review was published.
It may be affected by currency fluctuations and is subject to change without notice.
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