Vegan Resources

Vegan education is the most effective way you can make a difference for animals. Here are some great resources to get you started.

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Pamphlets and Flyers

Make use of the following great resources in your vegan education campaigns. They are made freely available to you as long as you print them out in their entirety, using the original text and colours, and giving credit to their creators. Although the pamphlets on this site contain beneficial information, Elated does not necessarily endorse all opinions expressed by other organisations referenced. Please think carefully before distributing literature that does not clearly state a vegan, abolitionist message. In addition to becoming vegan, spreading the abolitionist message is the only way we can free animals from the endless cycle of exploitation and suffering they endure.

The Elated Vegan

Other Organisations

To visit these and other vegan organisations, visit the Elated links page.