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Christmas came early for me this year when I received my Vegan Rejuvenation Gift Set from Faithful to Nature. They have truly taken care when putting this gift together. Right from the start, simply opening the box makes you feel special. Hidden in beige and mauve recyclable packaging lies a hessian bag with the Faithful to Nature logo. I think our body instinctively knows when it comes into contact with organic, natural substances as my heart did a little dance as I laid out the contents.

Meadowsweet Luxurious Body Butter – Refreshing Lemongrass
This is the best body butter I have ever used. It has a fascinating smell that you can’t get enough of and immediately perks you up. When rubbing a fingertip scoop in your hands, it melts deliciously like a lemon vegan cheesecake and easily smooths over your body. Unlike other body butters, which tend to be very hard to spread. Instead of giving the sensation that my pores were suffocating, they felt a tingle of invigoration. Yes, definitely the way to be restored after a tough day at the office.

This body butter has an added advantage as the lemongrass acts as an effective insect repellent. I also found that it doubles as a wonderful nail cream. After just 3 days, my nails and cuticles were stronger. The packaging is very appealing, although I recommend you wipe off the silver strip that edges the lid so elegantly, as it tends to come off on your hands as you close the tub and the last thing you want to do at this stage is wash your hands.

Faithful to Nature Vegan Rejuvenation Gift Set . An uplifting present that shows you care.

Soy Travel Lite – Rejuvenation Lemongrass, Lavender & Lime
I thought a good time to try out the candle would be during meditation and it was. The fragrance is subtle and not distracting. It comes in a slim tin with a lid which means you don’t have to smell the smoke from the extinguished flame afterwards. This must be wonderful to take traveling as long as you remember not to tilt the candle before the wax has dried. The wax is not hot when melted and can be rubbed on dry, chapped skin which will benefit from the vitamin E and lecithin in the soya. It is almost a pity to burn it for anything else. Apparently this little candle has a burning life of 20 hours. Quite impressive.

Bella Blossom Bath Soak – Peace
It was late and I only had time for a quick shower as there was still lots to be done. However, a promise is a promise and I had promised to review this gift set. So I ran a deep, hot bath and generously poured out a third of the bottle. What a pleasure. The ambrosial smell of Patchouli rises up around you on the gently wafting steam. I found myself smiling for no reason and started taking deep soothing breaths. The aromatic oils are relaxing in a delicate, not intoxicating way. Even though the initial effect is calming, it is not soporific. I soon become re-energised and leapt out the bath feeling exhilarated. It must have been the citrus oils at work. The after-effect is of delicate nourishment to the skin. You don’t feel like you need to have a shower to get rid of the oil. Instead my skin felt moisturised and alive.

Tucked in amongst these treasures is Faithful to Nature’s Pocket Guide to Safe Shopping. It lists common ingredients in household products as being either contentious or safe. It is small enough to slip alongside your credit card thus ensuring you will always have it close when shopping.

Elated recommends this product.

This is an ideal gift for a busy, motivated person. Someone who needs to relax a little, but also likes to feel energised. The items are wonderful individually and perfectly complementary as a gift set. If you are choosing just one product, then the body butter gets 10 out of 10.

The delivery went off without a hitch and Robyn ensured personal and professional service.

Review by Karen Johnson.

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Last date for Christmas orders is today: Tuesday, 18 December 2012.
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Meadowsweet Body Butter = R132
Soy Travel Lite Candle = R53
Bella Blossom Bath Soak = R65
FTN Hessian Bag = R28
Total for individual items = R278

Vegan Rejuvenation Gift Set = R255
Your Savings = R23

Delivery average within SA = R35
Total estimated cost = R290

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