Raspberry & Rose Popsicles

These vegan ice lollies are refreshing, delicious and healthy. They contain no fat or sugar, just fruit, rose water and Stevia.

makes – 8 x 70 ml popsicles 

Delicious and healthy Raspberry and Rose Popsicles © Eerainuh 'VaVaVoom.'


2¼ cups of raspberries
3 or 4 pipettes of vanilla Stevia
1 tsp rose water


In a blender, mix up the raspberries with the rose water and Stevia, adjusting your quantities according to your taste preference. Add water until your blender measure reads 560 ml and quickly blend in.

Fill up your moulds and freeze for a couple of hours.

These raspberry ice lollies make excellent healthy treats for vegan kids. Or you could snack on them while you enjoy a sunny day by the pool.

Thank you to Eerainuh from ‘VaVaVoom’.
Please check with the author regarding © terms.

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