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Please help me raise awareness for farmed animals and promote a compassionate, ethical, vegan lifestyle. Do you enjoy Elated's recipes, posts and videos? Please make a donation to help fund the many costs of running Elated.

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Please support my work at Elated so that I can continue to raise awareness for farmed animals and promote a compassionate, ethical, vegan lifestyle.

How Your Donations Help Elated

Website — Maintaining a website incurs many costs. Your donation will help to fund the internet connection, webhosting, site registration, software, hardware, licence renewals and other ad hoc costs associated with running Elated’s website. Currently there are almost 9,000 unique visitors to Elated every month: your donation will keep Elated online.

Images — Every image on Elated has been legally obtained with the majority of them being bought from either 123RFiStock or Dreamstime. The cliché definitely applies that ‘a picture tells a thousand words’. Many people are touched by visual messages far more than by the written word; so high quality images are crucial to help Elated communicate our message. Your help will ensure every post gets a stunning new image.

Pamphlets — Elated previously manned a vegan information table every Saturday distributing pamphlets like Elated’s ‘Why Vegan?‘ flyer. Your donation will sponsor the ink and paper needed to get it started again.

*Urgent: need $50 for ink per week*

Information tables are vital to get Elated’s message out to the people who really matter: people like you, who care about animals, are trying to do the right thing by being ethical consumers and are open to a way of living that is life affirming, healthy for you, beneficial for the environment and liberates animals from farms. Nothing beats one-on-one, face-to-face interactions for awakening hearts and minds.

Thank You

Thank you for caring about animals, the planet and your health. I sincerely hope you enjoy the resources offered by Elated and are able to take something beneficial away with you each time: whether it be information, inspiration or a new perspective.

Together we make the world a better place!

Warm regards
Karen Johnson
The Elated Vegan