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Do you want to lose weight, be healthy, go vegan, or all three? Do you care about animals and want to live a life that is more ethical and compassionate? Take the first step on your Elated Vegan Journey today!

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Do you want to go vegan, or live a more fulfilled vegan life? Are you looking to gain your ideal body weight, or radiate with vibrant health? You can be healthier, fitter, happier and more connected with your life purpose when you go vegan. My name is Karen Johnson and I am here to help you make it happen!

Benefits of Elated Vegan Coaching

Together we will set up your goals and formulate a way forward. Then the true magic begins when you take on your weekly challenges and start implementing practical, interactive steps especially tailored to your specific needs.

    • Empower yourself as you embark on a journey of self discovery
    • Feel invigorated and motivated as you attain radiant health
    • Find the formula that works for you to achieve and maintain your ideal body weight
    • Get to grips with your cravings and obsessions
    • Re-discover who you really are and experience the confidence this creates
    • Tackle your mental compartmentalisation to remove obstacles that are holding you back
    • Discover exciting ways to implement veganism into your lifestyle
    • Change the world as you become a truly ethical consumer
    • Gain peace of mind as you start living in alignment with your authentic value system
    • Harness your inner strength to become the person you want to be

Find Out More!

Your Elated Vegan Coaching Package

Your Elated Vegan Coaching Package includes:

    • 1 x Free introductory 20-minute session
    • 1 x 60-minute session a week
    • Your sessions take place via Skype
    • Weekly challenges or practical tasks
    • Meal plan designed to help you reach your goals
    • Delicious vegan recipes that are easy to make
    • Helpful kitchen, cooking and shopping tips
    • Exercise program to get you moving and loving it
    • As much support as you need when you e-mail me updates
    • You become an Elated Member with access to the Elated Community
    • You can rest assured that all of our sessions will remain completely confidential

Do you want to start right away? Contact me to arrange a free 20minute session and find out how Elated Vegan Coaching will work for you.

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