Online Vegan Shops

Online shops are coming to the rescue of vegans across the world. If you have had enough of sifting through leather shoes and dairy products searching for those elusive vegan products you know just have to be hiding somewhere, then unearthing 100% vegan shops is like finding the holy grail. What peaceful bliss it is to be able to buy anything and everything you see on display in a vegan-safe zone.

The wonderful news is that there are so many online vegan stores striving to make it easier for you to be vegan and more are popping up every day. Please support them to keep them in business and flourishing.


Worldwide Online Vegan Shops

Following is a list of online vegan shops that deliver to our entire global village. If you don’t see your favourite here please contact me and I will add it right away!

Visit 'Gentle World For The Vegan in Everyone' for comprehensive lists of products and suppliers.

Pangea sells only vegan goods made in countries where labour laws or unions are in place to protect the workers.

Shop online with Vegan Cuts. Their goal is to make it fun and easy for you to discover new vegan products and shop vegan.


The Vegan Store aims to make going and staying vegan fun and easy! All the products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.



Everything Vegan Online. They take away all the stress of wondering whether products are vegan by bringing all your favorite 100% vegan foods and beauty products to one place.



Visit VeganEssentials, the vegan owned and operated online shop. They offer over 1200 products that are all 100% vegan.


Shop Vegan is designed to provide you with easy, one-stop vegan shopping... or put another way, products that are turtle-y cruelty-free.


Eco Vegan Shoes - Against animal cruelty - Environmentally friendly - Ethically sourced - Promote your health and wellbeing



Online Vegan Shops in South Africa

Vegan shops and restaurants are starting to pop up all over South Africa, isn’t that wonderful! What is your favourite SA online vegan shop? If it isn’t in this list please let me know.

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Quarry Lake Foods brings you products that are 100% vegan and are grown naturally without pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or poisons. They contain the finest natural ingredients, stone-ground flour, unrefined sugar, natural preservatives and additives. No animal or dairy products are used.


Moonshadow Vegan Deli are Ethical Vegans who reject the consumption or use of animals. By 'vegan', they mean their products are 100% plant based. They do not use anything that comes from an animal or an insect (that means they don't use honey!). For ethical reasons, they also do not use palm oil.


Vfoods import and distribute fine quality vegan foods in South Africa including Violife and Wot No Dairy, promoting an animal-free diet one meal at a time. Currently, their online store only sells Benevo vegan dog food.



Online Vegan-Friendly Shops in South Africa

Here is a selection of South African online shops that are not vegan, but do sell vegan products. Please be sure to check for vegan ingredients before ordering. Remember: not everyone defines ‘cruelty-free‘ and ‘ethical’ to mean excluding all exploitation of animals.


Visit Faithful to Nature the online organic shop based in South Africa. Please look for 'vegan' status to find cruelty-free products as some of their products are vegetarian.


Ecoshopper is an eco-friendly online shop that offers organic produce in bulk with no frills packaging.

Harmless House a selection of quality cruelty-free and vegan bath, body, home cleaning, dental products and much, much more.




Health Food Direct is a small family owned business that sells health food products directly to the public. They focus on 'free-from' products that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Their product line includes products free from gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast, eggs and GMO.







Mary-Ann’s prides themselves on bringing their customers the best quality vegan products available with minimum carbon footprint.



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Visit VeganSA for more information on vegan products in South Africa.


Online shops are coming to the rescue of vegans across the world! Photo © 123RF ginasanders


Enjoy your vegan shopping adventure!