December 2012 – Make Your Life Count

As the year rushes full speed into the festive season, take a moment to think about your year so far. Take a deep breath, find your inner voice and ask yourself, “How would I like my life to improve in 2013?” Your life is too important to waste. Make it count.

What will happen to your gift puppy when he grows up and his 'owners' don't think he's cute anymore? Photo © 123RF Erik Reis.

1.    New Elated Posts

Are You Giving Someone an Animal For Christmas? – Please read this post before making your final decision.
More Room to Die – Imagine that you are on Death Row, but innocent of any crime … Read this fantastic article by John Morlino.
Telling it Like it is – Find out why Elated asks people to go ‘vegan’ and doesn’t use words like ‘vegetarian’ and ‘meat-free’.
Giving Animals a Handout – Are you looking for an animal charity to help, but not sure how to choose? Here are a few tips.

2.    Festive Treats For You

Christmas Gift Ideas That Show You Care – Elated has arranged special discounts for you from VeganEssentials. And we review a few products including Eco Vegan Shoes and Faithful to Nature. Let’s go shopping!
Nutty Egg Nog – One of your favourites? Try this delicious vegan version. Perfect to make your Christmas evenings festive and merry.


3.    A New Year, A New You

Holiday Challenge – Dr Joel Fuhrman – Kickstart your journey with Dr Furhman’s Holiday Challenge: member and medical support, holiday recipes, Nutri-Bite videos and blog articles to keep you motivated.
Thrive Forward – Brendan Brazier – Imagine having a personalised online guide to health and fitness. Pre-register for Brendan Brazier’s Thrive Forward program.
Create Your Own Plan – Health Experts – Would you prefer to gravitate towards a healthier lifestyle in your own time? Visit our Vegan Health Experts page for nutrition advice.

Wishing you a joyful festive season surrounded by love. May your hopes for the New Year be fulfilled and may you be rewarded with abundant health.

I look forward to hearing your New Year’s resolutions.

Warm regards
Karen Johnson


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