May 2014 – Do You Love Animals More Than People?

Wishing all mothers a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday. I hope you enjoy the recipes in this issue. There is also an article which might resonate with you about the ‘angry vegan’ stereotype and how compassion leads to transformation.

New on Elated

Photo © Jenny at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary with Dylan the rescued and grown up veal calf.

  • Do You Love Animals More Than People? — Knowing about animal abuse can make us see red. However, treating people with contempt is a sign that we are not processing our own suffering effectively. Here are some tips on how to handle this situation more constructively.
  • Vegan Athletes — Check out new videos of Scott Jurek (ultra-marathon runner), Dr Doug Graham (author of 80/10/10 diet) and Rich Roll (ultra-endurance athlete) amongst others…

‘The Vegan Menu’ Recipes Now on Elated!

Mango Chia Pudding with Blueberries. Photo © John Eric 'The Vegan Menu'.

I am overjoyed to announce a new foodie blogger on Elated. ‘The Vegan Menu’ offers a fantastic subscription service of 5 new recipes every week as well as a free weekly recipe for non-subscribers. All vegan, oil-free, whole foods. Check out this selection of their free recipes and then take a look at their site.

More Delish Vegan Recipes For You

Sublime quinoa and chickpea coconut curry © Angela 'Vegangela'.

  • Quinoa and Chickpea Coconut Curry — This quinoa and chickpea curry is simmered in coconut milk. It is quick and easy to make, packed with nutrients and absolutely sublime!
  • Raspberry & Rose Popsicles — These vegan ice lollies are refreshing, delicious and healthy. They contain no fat or sugar, just fruit, rose water and Stevia.

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  • 1-Month FREE Vegan Life Coaching — Apply now and you might qualify for 1 month of FREE Elated Vegan Life Coaching. I am 100% committed to your personal development. Please only apply if you are ready to commit to the life coaching process and are willing to respond and communicate.
  • Get Your Personalised Meal Plan or Workout Schedule for $5 — Do you want to get radiantly healthy, lose weight or get fit? I can help you achieve your goals with a high-nutrient, plant-based meal plan or workout schedule that is personally designed for you.
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Thank You!

Thank you for your kind words and actions. I love knowing that the world is home to people like you. You give me hope for the future and make the world a better place!

Warm regards
Karen Johnson
The Elated Vegan


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