January 2013 – Should You Care About Farm Animals?

Welcome to Elated’s January Newsletter. This month we have new articles for you, newly embedded videos, a nifty resource for checking ingredients while you read labels, and fabulous recipes.

How can it be right to kill a calf, but not a dog? They are both sentient beings and they both deserve to live. Photo © 123RF Maximilian Pogonii.

What Do Farm Animals Mean To You?

  • Why Care About Farm Animals? They are sentient and their lives have inherent value. Take a moment to meet the cow who tried to save one of her twin calves as we look at who they are and why they should matter to us.
  • Is Killing Animals Ever Morally Excusable? Take a journey with a dog and a calf as we try to discover why we feel differently about the dog we love and the calf we call food.
  • Humane Beef? Truth Masquerading As Satire Do you believe it is possible to humanely raise and slaughter cows? Read this satirical article published recently in The Onion.


New Resources On Elated

  • Which E Numbers Are Vegan? This is a useful tool for you to use in the supermarket. The mobi site loads quickly to help you solve ingredient dilemmas immediately and on the spot.
  • New Videos
    • ‘MAN’s Relation To The Natural World’ – Steve Cutts’ inspirational cartoon of man’s domination over nature from early times, really puts things into perspective.
    • ‘Vegans Can’t Eat Anything!’ – The attractive and entertaining Shelley Williams provides extremely relevant information as she challenges her alter ego on vegan issues.


In this Better Than Beef Bolognaise Miriam has created the most luscious, full-flavoured, Mediterranean masterpiece for you.

Fabulous New Recipes For You!

  • Better Than Beef Bolognaise Miriam has created the most luscious, full-flavoured, Mediterranean Bolognaise for you.
  • Bobotie For A New South Africa Try this popular South African tradition. Mel has veganised it  by swapping the meat with lentils and using tofu instead of egg for the topping.
  • Raw Hazelnut Milk Adriana’s healthy non-dairy milk has a creamy, smooth, almost velvety texture and is delicious even unsweetened.
  • Magical Coconut Hazelnut Snowballs Using the leftover pulp from the hazelnut milk, Adriana has created these kid-friendly treats which are rich, mildly sweet, delicately flavoured and quite addictive!


Thank You!

What a busy whirlwind of a year! Thank you for your messages of support, for having faith in Elated and for staying with us. I truly hope we have added value to your life. Your efforts to end the suffering of farm animals, tread lightly on the planet and live a healthier life are making a huge difference to the world we live in. We wish you all the best for the New Year. May you be surrounded by love, happiness and fulfillment.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about a vegan lifestyle.

Warm regards

Karen Johnson


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