Humane Beef? Truth Masquerading As Satire

Do you believe it is possible to humanely raise and slaughter cows? Perhaps a little satire will change your perspective. Read this excerpt from an article published recently in The Onion. Whether they intended it to or not, every word accurately describes so-called ‘humane’ slaughter.

We Raise All Our Beef Humanely On Open Pasture And Then
We Hang Them Upside Down And Slash Their Throats

The Onion Commentary • Opinion • ISSUE 49•04 • Jan 22, 2013
By Hank T. Norman, Owner of Nature’s Acres Ranch

Consumers today are more conscientious than ever about the choices they make at the supermarket. They want to know that the food they put on the table for their family is all-natural, environmentally friendly, and humane. And that’s why we here at Nature’s Acres Ranch hold ourselves to a higher standard and produce only the finest grass-fed and 100 percent additive-free beef. We guarantee that our cows are ethically raised on sustainably grown pastures before we hang them upside down from a moving conveyor and slice their throats wide open.

Our independently owned family farm is committed to one guiding principle: making sure that you, the customer, receive the best-tasting, highest quality beef from cows that are healthy, active, and eventually suspended fully conscious inside a facility thick with hot, blood-choked air and the frantic bellows of dangling, profoundly fearful animals.

That’s our pledge to you.

Read the full article at The Onion.

Humane slaughter, is that really possible? If this cow could talk, she would disagree. Photo © Dreamstime Tepic.

Please don’t buy into the myth that humane slaughter is possible.

Farm animals are sentient beings. They want to live and we should honour their right to life. You cannot exploit an animal and treat it as a resource in a humane way. The only way to end the suffering of animals is to abolish all animal use.

If you aren’t vegan, please go vegan.

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