Healthy Diet, Exercise and Inspiration

Are you looking for happiness in yourself and in your body? You are a complex being made up of body, mind and spirit, and achieving true health and peace of mind requires you to pay attention to all three.


You can be all you can be with Elated Vegan Life Coaching. Photo © 123RF subbotina.

Eating Healthily

Do you want to lose weight or just be healthy? Being vegan is a great place to start, but veganism isn’t a diet, it is a philosophy. So if you want to get healthy, or lose weight then you need to make a decision to follow a balanced, healthy eating plan, and choose nutrient-dense, low calorie, whole foods.  Not only will you achieve your ideal weight, you will feel great and look younger, wake up each morning with more energy, and you are very likely to reverse any chronic illnesses you are experiencing. In short you will transform your life!



Leading an active lifestyle is crucial to ensure your good health and achieve your ideal body weight. There is no way around it, your body needs to get moving to be healthy. In fact, it craves it! Often when you think you are hungry or anxious, it is really your body crying out for the endorphins and blood rush it gets from invigorating exercise. There are many fun ways to get moving. You will feel so much more positive and engaged in your life when you are active.



Seek to find peace in your life and live in alignment with your own moral compass. Start applying stress-releasing techniques that you enjoy, and you will find an internal balance.