Giving Animals a Handout

Are you someone who reaches for your wallet every time you see images of animal suffering? Is this the best way to help them? There are far more effective steps you can take to save the lives of animals that wouldn’t even cost you a cent. Please consider these points first to see whether your favourite animal charity is a worthy recipient of your hard-earned cash.

Exploiting Animal Suffering For Gain

Every day, millions of farm animals are being born into the horror story we call animal agriculture. The burden an omnivorous society places on these gentle sentient beings is just too horrific to bear. We bring them into a living hell where every effort they make at having a ‘normal’ life, is thwarted. All young animals are separated from their mothers and sent to their death at a very young age.

To couple these heart-breaking stories, alongside traumatic images of animal abuse, with a request for donations that are not exclusively used to end the slaughter of animals, is yet another way our society exploits the suffering of animals for financial gain. Asking for funds to sign petitions and promote incremental welfare reforms does not rescue animals, it only further establishes animals as commodities in the agricultural industry. It also makes people feel more comfortable about eating animals. Asking people to follow a ‘meat-free‘ or ‘vegetarian’ diet often results in the suffering and death of far more animals than before.

Vegan Education Saves Animals’ Lives

The best thing you can do to help animals right now, is to stop eating them, wearing them or paying for their exploitation by refusing to visit circuses, zoos or aquariums. Choosing to be vegan is the most generous action you can take towards animals. The animals desperately need our help and the best way to do this is to funnel all of our time, energy and money into vegan education.

So, before you reach for your wallet, please go vegan. If you care about animals, it is the very least you can do. By protecting the animal’s right to life, you are not only saving animals, you are helping yourself live a healthy and joyful life.

Can you honestly look into this extremely sad, supposedly 'free-range' dairy cow's eyes, then donate to the organisation that supports the murder of her calf and the exploitation of her reproductive processes? Please only support vegan, no-kill organisations. Photo © Dreamstime Carol Hancock.

Criteria For Choosing An Animal Charity

If you would like to help, but are indecisive about which animal organisation to donate to, judge for yourself whether they adhere to the following criteria:

  • They promote a vegan lifestyle, while refraining from using terms like ‘vegetarian’ and ‘meat-free’, which only serve to promote the consumption of animal products.
  • Their events are vegan. Asking people to save dogs by buying tickets to an event where a lamb is being roasted on the spit, is not helping animals.
  • They are more focussed on the sentience of animals, rather than objectifying animals through the exploitative use of graphic imagery.
  • They focus on the animals’ right to life and do not form partnerships with farmers, retailers or new welfarist organisations who promote so-called ‘humane’ animal products and welfare reforms.
  • If they are a shelter, they are a ‘no-kill’ shelter and do not kill the animals whom they purport to rescue.
  • If they are a domestic animal rescue group then choose a group that focuses on spay and neuter programs.

If an organisation is truly concerned about animals, they will promote veganism as their moral baseline.

Find out more about the core principles that sanctuaries should adhere to: The Microsanctuary Revolution – For Rescued Farm Animals.

Worthy Animal Sanctuaries

For more worthy animal sanctuaries visit:

Please also take a look at Elated’s Wish List for suggestions on how you can help me achieve Elated’s goals.

Thank You

Thank you for caring about animals enough to want to help them. Non-human animals are the most vulnerable beings among us. Unlike humans, they will never have the opportunity to grow up and fight for their own rights.

Let us focus our resources on saving their lives, not our consciences.

They only have one chance, and that is us. Let us carefully consider how our actions can have the most beneficial effect on raising their moral and legal status.


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