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Anyone who has ever waitered six-day weeks will know how important it is to have comfortable shoes. Throw in the fact that they need to be plain black and vegan, then you find yourself in a right pickle. After the soles of my previous pair had split right across, I was overjoyed to receive my new Eco Vegan Easy Walkers. What strikes you instantly is how durable they look and how perfectly they are made with attention being paid to every detail. Holding a pair in your hand is like being spirited back in time to the days where the cobblers took pride in their work.

Their range is surprisingly varied and colourful. I felt a little envious that I hadn’t chosen something sexier, but necessity won over desire and I was happy to discover that the Easy Walkers are very smart for walking shoes. At first we didn’t get on too well. They seemed to be half a size too big. So I added an extra Ortholite insole which doubled the comfort and made them fit a little too snugly until it was trimmed down a little. The uppers started out very stiff, so I bent them around a little to soften them. After 3 days of wear, we were beginning to become friends. They were molding to the shape of my feet and supporting my personal walking action. Within a week, we were best buddies. They have this uncanny characteristic of being both flexible and restraining at the same time.

Enjoying the view of the back of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa in Eco Vegan Easy Walkers.

The fabric used is so strong, that I was amazed to discover it is Schoeller Oeco-Tex Standard 100 which has passed the most stringent standard in textile production guaranteeing the greatest possible freedom from harmful substances and the greatest resource efficiency. It makes you wonder why other companies feel the need to cut corners and exploit so many humans and non-human animals along the way to achieve results that aren’t even comparable.

Their soles are oil resistant and are even impenetrable to a sharp knife. In fact, these shoes are built to last so effectively that they will save you the price of replacing them in a couple year’s time. Perhaps Eco Vegan Shoes didn’t take the module in business management that requires product lifespans to be less than 2 years, to ensure repeat purchases. I sincerely hope they have a viable plan in place that will support their ethical approach to business, animals and the environment.

“Foremost we make shoes with integrity, but we don’t want to stop there. We aim to make the best shoes in the world bar none. We want people from far and wide to see what we do – and realise buying something with integrity does not mean buying ‘second best’. It can mean buying the best thing there is.”
— William Green, Director Eco Vegan Shoes

Delivery from UK to SA was impressive: the order was processed on Monday and they were received on Friday. The after sales service is very efficient. Delivery is free in the UK and returns are free worldwide if undertaken within the 30 day period.

Elated recommends this product.

Everybody needs a pair of Eco Vegan Easy Walkers. Not only because they are vegan. And not only because they are comfortable. But because they manifest ethical business practice in quality workmanship.

Review by Karen Johnson.

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Last date for Christmas orders is Wed 19 Dec 2012.
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Easy Walker Black £59
Plus estimated delivery to SA £16
Total Cost: £75 = R1,042

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