What Do Vegans Eat?

A whole new world of food adventures opens up to you when you go vegan. Instead of the boring repetition of meat, veg and potato; you now have 1,000’s of combinations of vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and fruit to create satisfying meals from. Added to that satiating list, is the vast selection of vegan foods that do a superb job of replacing meat, eggs and dairy with all the taste and none of the cholesterol.

There are so many heavenly flavours, textures and colours to choose from!

Vegan food is absolutely delicious, easy to make, affordable and good for you. Photo © Karen Johnson featuring Elated Living foodie blogger's creations.

Elated Vegan Recipes

These essential recipes are all easy to make, using ingredients that are readily available in most countries and it goes without saying … they will be delicious!
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Vegan Food Posts

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