Every Second Counts

This graphic very effectively shows how many animals are dying right now. Every second another 287 chickens, almost 4 pigs and more than 1 cow is being slaughtered in the USA for food. The global statistics are staggering.

What You Can Do

Every second counts in our struggle to save the lives of animals. The volume of animals being killed is shattering. Imagine the screen size you would need to fit this graphic if it contained the worldwide statistics.

The number of land animals slaughtered worldwide for food:
62 billion animals killed every year
170 million animals killed every day
7 million animals killed every hour
2,000 animals killed every second!

If you care about animals, then please go vegan. As a vegan you will
save over 400 animals every year.

Do you need more support or advice?
Contact me. I am here for you!

Source: USDA NASS Livestock Slaughter Annual Summaries

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