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Elated’s press presence highlights the true lives of farm animals and promotes a vegan lifestyle.

The Cruelty of Animal Farm Trade Revealed

Constantiaburg Bulletin October 09, 2008

Karen Watkins skillfully weaves all the key aspects of Elated’s World Farm Animals Day event together, including the best scenes from Patricia Glyn’s talk and the movie shown: The Witness. Bringing in the humour and lightheartedness experienced on the evening, as well as highlighting the horrors of animal exploitation. While always keeping it grounded with personal touches, the article ends on a positive note by offering the vegan solution. Thank you Karen for truly helping Elated to further raise awareness for farm animals and promote a compassionate, vegan lifestyle.

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Constantiaburg Bulletin - World Farm Animals Day 2008

Vegan Venture Turned Into Magical Experience
of an Exotic Culture

Cape Times February 01, 2008

Elated’s first appearance in the print media was suitably up key and lighthearted. It was an entertaining and fun evening with Graham Howe as we sampled vegan fare at Addis in Cape, the Ethiopian restaurant on Long Street, Cape Town. Although Elated’s core aims and purposes, as well as the fundamental issues of animal rights theory were edited from the interview I was pleasantly surprised to find that Graham Howe captured the essence of the compassionate and joyous nature which lies at the heart of veganism.

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Review of vegan food choices in Cape Times