Unbelievably Comfortable Easy Walker Shoes

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One of the most common problems faced by vegans in South Africa is obtaining decent animal friendly footwear. Most formal or semi-formal shoes are made of leather and almost all of the options available in mainstream shops, from casual sneakers to boots to high-end designer wear, use animal glue to attach the soles. This means that until recently the only options available were expensive custom-made shoes, a couple of mediocre quality sneakers that are vegan by accident, or high price imports from overseas vegan footwear companies.

Enter Eco Vegan Shoes – a wide range of 100% vegan, ecologically friendly footwear designed by a small UK-based company committed to providing high quality, ethical shoes at a reasonable price. Mine are an unbelievably comfortable pair of black ‘easy walkers’. From the moment I slipped them on, the attention to detail and long-term wearability was obvious.

Unbelieveably comfortable Eco Vegan Easy Walker Shoes

Instead of standard canvas, the shoes are made with Eco-Vegan Shoes’ patented Schoeller advanced Swiss fabric: a waterproof and heat adaptive material designed to ensure that your feet never get too hot or cold. The soles are made of a similarly innovative durable substance that’s as easy on the environment as it is on your feet. The shoes come with two pairs of Ortholite removable insoles to further cushion and support your stride and there is even an extra pair of laces thrown in.

While you’d expect shoes of this quality to come at a considerable price, the whole range is surprisingly affordable, from the classic brogues right through to the terrain hiking boots. If you pick up a pair using Elated’s discount code, you also get a substantial discount that substantially minimises the extra impact of shipping and customs fees.

Elated recommends this product.At the time of writing, these are pretty much the most comfortable, ethical and reasonably priced shoes available for local vegans. I highly recommend picking up a pair or two!

Review by Aragorn Eloff – bolo’bolo café.

Product Information

Last date for Christmas orders is Wed 19 Dec 2012.
Place your order online at Eco Vegan Shoes.

Pricing *
Easy Walker Black £59
Plus estimated delivery to SA £16
Total Cost: £75 = R1,042

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