December 2014 – Is Your Non-Vegan Mom Driving You Crazy this Christmas?

Is your non-vegan family driving you crazy this Christmas? Just in case you are feeling the pressure, I wanted to quickly share three new Elated posts which might help, and wish you all the very best over the festive season.

Helping Your Mother Prepare Vegan Meals For You

Happy families are vegan families. Take the time to help your mother cook vegan meals for you and it will strengthen your relationship © 123rf  Kia Chiang

What do you do when your mother seems to be sincerely trying to make vegan food for you, but keeps on using non-vegan products or ingredients; and what’s worse, when you try to be considerate in the way you tell her you cannot eat what she has lovingly made for you, then she bursts into tears and creates a scene?

We all know that mothers express their love through their cooking, so this is a touchy subject. Take the time to help your mother cook vegan meals for you and it will strengthen your relationship. Here are some tips on how to go about it.

Will Human Tissue Testing Replace Animal Testing Anytime Soon?

3D Human tissue will soon replace animal testing © 123rf fikmik

It is now possible to reproduce 3D human tissue structures for in vitro testing in laboratories. This is a hugely exciting development. However, how close are we to using this technology to completely replace current animal testing? To answer this question, I contacted Organovo, a bio-technology company based in California, USA. Their goal is to build living human tissues that accurately represent human biology.

Vegan Pistachio Meringues

Vegan pistachio merengues ©

At last, a vegan meringue recipe that works! Mattie from did extensive research into the use of eggs to discover the perfect ratio of starches, proteins and gums to create egg-free vegan meringues that are better than the originals.

Festive Greetings!

Missy Mischief and © Karen Johnson, The Elated Vegan

Wishing you all the very best of friendship, love, support, hope, success and furfamily cuddles over the festive season and into the New Year. May you meet enlightened people every day who are awakening to the valuable, sentient nature of animals. Remember: every day that you are vegan you are saving the lives of animals. Thank you!

Warm regards
Karen Johnson
The Elated Vegan


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