December 2013 – What Would it Take To Make You Feel Elated?

In all the mad dash to get ready for your holiday have you had any time to think about YOU? How about spoiling yourself to a week-long adventure? Starting Monday. You deserve something that is just about your own personal development for a change.

My Elated Life Launches on Monday

My Vegan Birthday 1-Week Challenge 16-22 Dec 2013

It is 100% FREE!

Karen Johnson - the Elated Vegan. Photo:

Yes I do have a secret wish – I would love you to have the same Vegan Birthday as me: 16 December! Seven years ago my life changed forever. I heard about veganism and the concept simply blew me away. The fact that all I had to do was stop eating animals and I would gain abundant health, help save the planet and save the lives of between 80 and 400 animals every year… It was an opportunity I simply could not refuse.

The result? Peace of mind and an ever-lasting feeling of elation — which has grown every year! That is how I want you to feel. It is my birthday present to you.

What the 1-Week Challenge is About:

  • Fun and interactive membership site with a community page
  • Daily topics on various issues about veganism and your health
  • Weekly and daily mealplans
  • Scrumptious recipes and tips on what vegans eat
  • Monthly meetups – vegan lunch on Saturday 21 Dec at Organic at Heart
  • Special Offers – Vivo Pizza is offering you discount coupons!

What it is Not About

This is not a diet, it is a week of celebration. We have lots to celebrate: the launch of My Elated Life, the start of the holidays, my vegan birthday… and maybe even yours!
You don’t have to be perfect, you don’t even have to be vegan for the whole week. However, your opinion matters to me and I would truly love to have your feedback. So please do take part and let me know what it was like!

Thank You!

This is Mischief, the bunny love of my life! Photo:

Thank you for caring about animals, about your health and the planet. Seriously it is people like you who are changing the world.

Welcome to Your Elated Life. You will discover a whole new way of being when you live in alignment with your true inner values. Sign up today!

My Vegan Birthday 1-Week Challenge
Monday 16 to Sunday 22 Dec 2013

Will be chatting to you soon…

Karen Johnson

“Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another.” Hamba kahle Tata Madiba


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