Christmas Gift Ideas That Show You Care

Being vegan means caring about animals even when buying a gift for someone else. Just because you won’t be using it, doesn’t mean it is OK to contribute to the abuse of animals by paying other people to do it. So, no matter how much our loved ones are hoping for gifts of milk chocolate, sheep’s wool boots and silk scarves, hopefully they will not be getting them from us.

There is a large range of caring gifts you can buy your friends and family this Christmas. Elated has negotiated two special offers for you. We have also compiled a few product reviews to give you ideas. Hurry over to get your orders in before Christmas.

Photo © Mel 'Simple Vegan Cooking'. Visit her site to read about her DIY Christmas'.

Eco Vegan Shoes – Special Offers – At last,
shoes that are 100% vegan, environmentally friendly and ethically produced. We test-walked two pairs to find out how comfortable they are. Read reviews by Aragorn and Karen. And see the latest special offer we have negotiated for you: £10 off!

VeganEssentials – You Get 10% Off! – Rush over to VeganEssentials to get 10% off your next purchase. They offer you a wonderfully soothing online shopping experience as all of their over 1,200 products are 100% vegan, contain no animal products and have not been tested on animals.

Faithful to NatureFaithful to Nature are an online shop based in Cape Town, South Africa. They offer a large range of organic products for the whole family. We review the sublime ‘Vegan Rejuvenation Gift Set’ for you. Last chance to place Christmas orders is today, 18 December 2012.

Vegan Products at Woolworths SA– Woolworths South Africa has a few cosmetic and household ranges approved by Beauty Without Cruelty. Download the list of cruelty-free products for great gift ideas.

Rosewood Christmas Treats for Small AnimalsI was very excited to get the Rosewood Cranberry & Parsley Tree for my bunny friend, Mischief, but her review was not positive.

Are You Giving Someone an Animal For Xmas?They look so cute and people are always ecstatic to get them, but do you really think giving an animal as a gift is a good idea? Please read this post before making your final decision.