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Photo © Jenny Brown at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary with Dylan who was rescued at 1-week old just before being sold at  auction. Look how big he has grown!

Do You Love Animals More Than People?

It is almost impossible not to love animals when they are so unconditionally loving towards us. That doesn’t necessarily apply to humans. Knowing about animal abuse can make us see red. However, hating people is never the answer. Treating them with contempt is a sign that we are not processing our own suffering effectively. It is a […]

Talking to people about veganism is really fun! Photo © Karen Johnson - The Elated Vegan.

What Do You Do When People Attack You For Being Vegan?

Does everyone turn on you when you say you are vegan? Sometimes just being in the same room at mealtimes is all it takes. Don’t let it get to you; it isn’t personal. Despite the fact you will be bombarded with questions about where you get your protein, whether your shoes are leather and what […]

Mainstream veganism means getting plant-based foods into the large retail outlets. Just like this Silk Pumpkin Spice milk, as it proudly shoulders dairy milk off the shelf.

Non-Dairy Milk Riding High On The WhiteWave

There is a whole new market opening up for plant-based foods, and Multi-National Corporations are eager to ride the wave. Yet many vegans vehemently oppose and sabotage their efforts. Why is this? One company who is taking advantage of this new market trend is WhiteWave Foods in USA. Their public offering in July 2013 successfully […]


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Inter-brand light-hearted rivalry was apparent on the Silk PureAlmond milk box which proudly displayed the message

Making A Wish For Mainstream Non-Dairy Milk

Did you know you can make tasty, healthy milk from oats, rice, almonds, hazelnuts, seeds, legumes, coconut, soya and even hemp? You can even buy a few of these options from your local supermarket. However, many people still believe that being vegan means you have to give up milk. This is not the only misconception […]

MorgueFile--chicken-aophoto sheep-woble pig-jcyoung iStock--cow-Tsekhmister x305

Sign This Petition: I Am Vegan For Life!

Do animals matter to you? Do you feel it is wrong to kill animals unnecessarily? You will save the lives of over 400 animals every year by being vegan. Please take your first step today by signing this Petition ‘I am Vegan For Life!’ It is the single most important thing you can do to […]

grey mouse and cheese 5551605_s 123RF Sebastian Duda

Who Moved Your Cheese?

Have you ever stopped to wonder why we have such a strong attachment to cheese? Cheese, along with other dairy products, seems to have become imbued with an importance that far outweighs any rational reason for our dependency on it.  Perhaps it has something to do with how difficult we find it to face change. In fact, what we […]

man on cliff top overlooking sea and gorge 21763068_s 123RF Igor Goncharenko thumbnail

There is No Them – It is Up to Us

When our minds are initially opened to the mind-numbing cruelty involved in animal exploitation; following the sheer horror we feel at the enormity of the situation; our initial feeling is often one of bitter betrayal. We have naively trusted “them” to care for our health needs by supplying us with nutritious food. We have also […]

friends jumping on beach iStock_000032191258XSmall IPGGutenbergUKLtd

How Can You Say Being Vegan is Easy?

Are you someone who gets irate when people tell you it is easy to be vegan? Is it similiar to asking for directions and, after driving up and down the road a dozen times, being told “You can’t miss it”? However, in this instance, I have to say I agree: it is easy to be […]