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Vfoods Makes it Easier to be Vegan in SA!

Have you ever thought you could be vegan if it was easier to find vegan food in South Africa? Vfoods is coming to your rescue. They are an exciting import and distribution company who aim to make it easier for South Africans to be vegan by bringing animal-free alternatives into all major retail outlets. Isn’t that fantastic! Their […]

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Cruelty-Free Product Lists

After veganising your diet the next step is to fill your world with cruelty-free clothing, groceries, shoes, cosmetics and other household products that are kind to animals and yourself. In this way you use your consumer power to change the world. So what does ‘cruelty-free’ really mean? The obvious answer would be those products that have […]

Mainstream veganism means getting plant-based foods into the large retail outlets. Just like this Silk Pumpkin Spice milk, as it proudly shoulders dairy milk off the shelf.

Non-Dairy Milk Riding High On The WhiteWave

There is a whole new market opening up for plant-based foods, and Multi-National Corporations are eager to ride the wave. Yet many vegans vehemently oppose and sabotage their efforts. Why is this? One company who is taking advantage of this new market trend is WhiteWave Foods in USA. Their public offering in July 2013 successfully […]

Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture Shampoo. At last a vegan shampoo that actually lathers! The subtle scents of grapefruit, apple and aloe extracts lift your mood as you wash your day out of your hair. Get if from Amazon today!

Giovanni Loves My Hair!

At last! A vegan hair care range that loves my hair. After years of searching health shops, organic stores and trying out every vegan-by-accident hair product I could lay my hands on, I eventually decided to step out of my financial comfort zone and shop online for the real deal. No vegan hair product I […]

Inter-brand light-hearted rivalry was apparent on the Silk PureAlmond milk box which proudly displayed the message

Making A Wish For Mainstream Non-Dairy Milk

Did you know you can make tasty, healthy milk from oats, rice, almonds, hazelnuts, seeds, legumes, coconut, soya and even hemp? You can even buy a few of these options from your local supermarket. However, many people still believe that being vegan means you have to give up milk. This is not the only misconception […]

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Christmas Gift Ideas That Show You Care

Being vegan means caring about animals even when buying a gift for someone else. Just because you won’t be using it, doesn’t mean it is OK to contribute to the abuse of animals by paying other people to do it. So, no matter how much our loved ones are hoping for gifts of milk chocolate, […]


VeganEssentials Gives You 10% Off!

What would the ideal retail therapy experience entail for you? How about being able to buy anything under the sun, without having to read labels and decipher the truth behind the marketing messages? There is such a place: VeganEssentials, the online shop owned and operated exclusively by vegans. You can be 100% certain that there […]

Enjoying the view of the back of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa in Eco Vegan Easy Walkers.

Getting to Know My Eco Vegan Shoes

Product Review Anyone who has ever waitered six-day weeks will know how important it is to have comfortable shoes. Throw in the fact that they need to be plain black and vegan, then you find yourself in a right pickle. After the soles of my previous pair had split right across, I was overjoyed to […]