Your Vegan Food Pyramid

After discovering your new vegan food groups you may be wondering how to put it all together. This graphic of a vegan food pyramid is a recommendation for the standard vegan diet. It is all about empowering you to create your own nutritious vegan mealplans.

Essential Early Morning Green Smoothie

This essential mix is the best way to start your day. Every day. The preparation is simple and quick for those of you who usually don’t make time for breakfast. Ingredients 1 tsp The Real Thing Wheat Grass Powder 1 scoop Vegan Protein Powder 30 g ground flax/chia seeds 1 banana 300 ml water or …

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The Health Benefits of Going Vegan

Following a vegan diet automatically means you reduce your saturated fat intake, while increasing healthy fibre and phyto-nutrients. Following a healthy, balanced vegan diet results in more energy and a better quality of life. Studies are repeatedly showing that avoiding toxic animal products will protect you from some of the major diseases striking people in …

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