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What About GM Soya?

Soya is used in many vegan products, including non-dairy milks and cheeses, meat substitutes and tofu. With concerns surrounding GMOs growing daily, people are prone to panic upon hearing a product contains soya, mistakenly assuming that it will always be genetically modified soya. This is not necessarily true. Are Vegan Products Free From GM Soya? […]

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Are You Battling To Give Up Dairy?

Yes it can be difficult when you are making changes in your life. We feel attached to dairy products for many reasons. Could you be addicted to cheese? Or perhaps you are depending on food to give you the nurturing you could get elsewhere. Here are a few tips on how you can nip your […]

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Vegan Substitutes

There are vegan substitutes for almost everything you may have loved as an omnivore. It is possible to enjoy cakes, burgers, creamy sauces, cheese pizzas and many other culinary adventures. The only difference being that your meals will now be cruelty-free and cholesterol-free! Following are suggestions for ready-made solutions, as well as methods to make […]