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Your Vegan Food Pyramid

After discovering your new vegan food groups you may be wondering how to put it all together. This graphic of a vegan food pyramid is a recommendation for the standard vegan diet. It is all about empowering you to create your own nutritious vegan mealplans.


Replacing Carrageenan With Agar in Your Cheese Recipes

When making vegan cheese you will often come across agar and carrageenan as vital ingredients. They are both vegan gelling agents. What’s the difference and which is better to use? Agar Agar is a gelling agent sourced from algae, specifically Gracilaria, a bright red seaweed. It is very useful as a replacement (using the same […]

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Kitchen Conversion Calculators And Tables

Does the recipe you’re making use all the wrong measurements? Or are you trying to fit a square cake into a round tin? Here are a few calculators to help you convert quantities and weights, a list of vegan foodstuff weights per cup, as well as a table of different pan sizes. Metric   Imperial   Pan […]

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SA Sugar is Vegan!

Going vegan doesn’t mean you have to go on diet. However sugary foods may be tainted with hidden animal suffering. The culprit is sugar, which is difficult to believe as it is sourced from the sugar cane plant. The sad truth is that some countries still use the outdated process of refining their sugar with […]

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How To Create Your Own Vegan Meal Plans

Creating your meals will become far simpler from now on out. Making your meals fun and tasty will take no more effort than if you were planning to eat as an omnivore. It is simply something new. See this time in your life as an adventure! Focus on all the new options that you do […]

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Vegan Food Groups

As omnivores we were so familiar with the standard meat+potatoes+veg template for our meals, that trying to create vegan meals can be intimidating at first. There is no reason why you can’t continue to use this same recipe when you’re vegan. You could simply replace the animal protein with vegetable protein. PROTEIN + CARBS + […]

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Which E Numbers Are Vegan?

If you are an ethical consumer you will want to know what is in the food you eat and feed your family. When reading ingredient lists it is often easy to spot the animal derived ingredients. However, the E Numbers can be confusing. Here is a complete listing that details whether they are of animal […]

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Animal Derived Ingredients

In a vegan world, we wouldn’t need to worry about the hidden animal ingredients as they would not be freely available. Suppliers would readily choose additives that are plant based. Unfortunately, in our current system of routine animal slaughter, and due to the preference we have for consuming only certain body parts, the by-products abound. […]

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Is It Vegan?

Finding our way in a non-vegan world can be quite daunting. Products you have used all your life will suddenly reveal themselves in a different light. Choosing healthy, simple whole foods and products, that are made from ingredients you trust and know, will make your life a whole lot easier. Things can get very complex […]

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Is Palm Oil Vegan?

New vegans are often criticised for not adhering to principles which have nothing to do with being vegan. One of the most hotly contended issues is whether palm oil is vegan. Palm Oil Is Vegan – It Comes From Palm Fruit Being vegan means not eating, wearing, or using animal products. According to these criteria, […]