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labrador under white Christmas tree 8458481_s 123RF Erik Reis

Are You Giving Someone an Animal For Xmas?

They look so cute and people are always ecstatic to get them, but do you really think giving an animal as a gift is a good idea? As we enter the silly season, animal sanctuaries across the world are bracing themselves for the stampede. Before Christmas animals are dropped off by people who have exciting […]

free-range cow tagged and collared dreamstime_xs_14214451Andrew Haddon

More Room to Die

Imagine that you are on Death Row, but innocent of any crime. Clinging to the hope that the legion of supporters working on your case will achieve a breakthrough before it’s too late, you prepare yourself for an update on their campaign. Yet nothing in your recurring nightmares can hold a candle to the news […]

pigs talking iStock_000018498063XSmall  janecat

Telling it Like it is

Abolitionists tend to say what we mean. We don’t pussy foot around the issues. We want to liberate animals. We believe that being vegan is the easy and obvious solution. We ask people to go vegan. Simple, straight forward, honest and effective. The Word is ‘Vegan’ Other animal organisations follow a far more complicated strategy […]

sad free-range holstein dairy cow dreamstime_xs_33707632 Carol Hancock

Giving Animals a Handout

Are you someone who reaches for your wallet every time you see images of animal suffering? Is this the best way to help them? There are far more effective steps you can take to save the lives of animals that wouldn’t even cost you a cent. Please consider these points first to see whether your favourite […]

mother goat and newborn kid 10665932_s 123RF Olena Afanasova

Goat’s Milk Kills Kids. Are You Kidding?

Are you considering reducing your dairy consumption by switching from cows to goat’s milk? On compassionate grounds, please take a moment to reconsider your choice. The goat’s milk industry results in the death of thousands of kids every year. While cows give birth to one calf a year, mother goats typically have twins, or even […]

woman in dots and cow dreamstime_xs_10268532 Ramunas Bruzas

Redefining Your Ethical Food Choices

When Elated began, we were looking for a name that conveyed two concepts: 1) being a vegan is a joyful experience and 2) as consumers we have the power to save the lives of animals through conscientious food choices. So discovering that ‘Enhancing the Lives of Animals Through Ethical Decisions’ produces the acronym ‘ELATED’ was […]