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Caring About Live Sheep Export is Not Enough

Recently the NSPCA published an extremely upsetting photo of one of the sheep who literally suffered to death while being transported from Namibia. Live export of sentient beings is morally reprehensible. The conditions are often appalling and animals languish for days with no food or water, and often so many animals are crammed together that […]

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How Gisela Survived The Dairy Farm

Gisela was a cow who worked on a dairy farm for 16 years. This is far longer than usual as most dairy cows are sent to slaughter at an average of 8 years of age. The decision to allow her to live longer was not due to any sentimental reasons, but rather because she was seen as […]

This beautiful dairy calf was taken away from her mother. You can save dairy calves by bing vegan. Photo © 123RF Melissa Schalke.

Did You Know My Mother?

by Mary Lynn Did you know my mother? I’m told her name was Belle. I don’t know what she looked like, but have memories of her smell. Did you ever hear my mother? Did her cries pull at your heart? I remember them quite clearly, when the men pulled us apart. Did you drink from […]

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Why Care About Farm Animals?

Even if we don’t care about animals, their lives have inherent value. Their lives matter to them whether we value them or not. We are often surprised when told that animals possess human-like intelligence, or demonstrate strong affection towards their families. These stories awaken the realisation that animals are alive, and help us to relate […]

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Rescued Sheep and Lambs Joyfully Reunited

Watch this 50 second excerpt from ‘Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home’ that shows rescued sheep and their lambs being joyfully reunited. ……….     ………. All of the animals shown in this clip were rescued from farms. None of them were killed. Contact me for more information on how you can take lambs off your plate. […]

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Goat’s Milk Kills Kids. Are You Kidding?

Are you considering reducing your dairy consumption by switching from cows to goat’s milk? On compassionate grounds, please take a moment to reconsider your choice. The goat’s milk industry results in the death of thousands of kids every year. While cows give birth to one calf a year, mother goats typically have twins, or even […]