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Every Second Counts For Animals

How many animals are killed for food in the US each year? Adjusting for pre-slaughter farmed animal mortality rates, industrial farming claimed the lives of 8.38 billion land animals in 2018 to support the U.S. food supply: Chickens: 7,958,900,000 Turkeys: 226,580,000 Cattle (incl. calves): 35,810,000 Pigs: 123,680,000 Ducks: 28,620,000 Sheep (incl. lambs): 6,880,000 Aquatic animal deaths are […]


Fish Exploited for Food Suffer Like Mammals and Birds

Fish are amazingly diverse and truly fascinating. Did you know, for example, that they are fast learners with long-term memories and a keen sense of time? Contrary to popular myth, mounting scientific evidence shows that fish can suffer fear and pain.

Kotori and Harumi were rescued by the founders of Visit their sites to find out more about them.

The Microsanctuary Revolution – For Rescued Farm Animals

Throughout the world there are over 70 billion animals being exploited and slaughtered every year. Many more farm animals are discarded on dead piles, culled when they don’t meet the farmers’ requirements, or rescued from abusive situations. Some have miraculously managed to escape, leaping from the moving trucks that are taking them to slaughter. Our communities need to […]

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Mother cow and her bullock calf reunited when you go vegan. Photo © Dreamstime Andriy Petrenko.

The Truth About Milk and Dairy

Are you looking for the no-nonsense facts behind the production of dairy and how it can affect your health? Here is the lowdown with links for you to check the facts for yourself. Facts About Dairy Forced Impregnation of the Cows Dairy cows are artificially inseminated on an annual basis, giving birth to a vibrantly […]


My Personal Tribute to Doris

by Robert Grillo This article was originally published by Free from Harm Doris was one of the great loves, gifts, joys, and inspirations in my life. I’ve been in such a funk since she unexpectedly died on Monday, August 18th, that it took me over a week to actually bring myself to write about her. […]

Marcie and friend - Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

Portrait of Marcie … A Beautiful Soul

When Marcie arrived at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, she had already lost everything—her freedom, her community, her family, her youth, every baby she had ever had, everyone she had ever loved, everyone she had ever trusted, everything that was familiar. She arrived in this new world with nothing except, for the brief time before she went […]

dairy cow poppies 20918536_s 123RF Aliaksei Lasevich square

Two Animal Voices I Will Never Forget

There are two animals’ voices I will never forget. They often keep me awake at night. Some days as I hear their cries in my head, the enormity of the battle we face seems overwhelming and it is difficult not to feel helpless and insignificant in the face of apparently insurmountable odds. However the stakes […]

Melvin Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

Turkeys All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go

So it is the New Year and Christmas is long gone. Have you ever stopped to consider the trail of destruction our festive season has left in its wake? Walking into the supermarket frozen goods section I was confronted with a freezer taking up half the aisle that was entirely full of dressed turkeys. Very […]

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Give Up Red Meat Without Trading Animals’ Lives

Have you decided to give up ‘red meat’? If you are simply replacing ‘red meat’ with chicken, fish, eggs or dairy, you could end up causing more suffering for animals than before. If you consider yourself to be a compassionate person, then please take a moment to see how you can make your food choices count for […]

Clifford calf Peaceful Prairie Sanctuaryx460

Seeing for Two: If His Mother Could See Him Now

If his mother could see him now—her beloved boy, alive and well, and cherished, in a land of love and plenty. If she could see the way he sauntered out of the rescue trailer, swift and surefooted as a deer, the way he glided into this welcoming world as if he recognized it, as if […]