Caring About Live Sheep Export is Not Enough

Recently the NSPCA published an extremely upsetting photo of one of the sheep who literally suffered to death while being transported from Namibia. Live export of sentient beings is morally reprehensible. The conditions are often appalling and animals languish for days with no food or water, and often so many animals are crammed together that they are trampled to death.

However, the manner in which this post was published is a perfect example of 1) moral schizophrenia 2) exploiting the sheep’s suffering for financial gain.

Are these sad lambs destined for live export? Separated from their mothers and cuddling together for safety, they do not deserve to lose their lives whether it is at home or in a foreign land. Photo © MorgueFile doctor_bob 460.

A Perfect Example of Moral Schizophrenia

The public are shocked and horrified that sheep arrived at the abattoir dying and dead. However, if the sheep had arrived at the abbatoir healthy those same people would be quite happy for the sheep to then be terrified, painfully sheared, brutally killed, dismembered and skinned. They will then proceed to very happily eat the sheep’s body parts. What is the difference? We do not need to eat sheep to survive. It is not a life or death matter for us. The only reason we eat animals is because we like the taste of their flesh. It cannot be explained away as ‘necessary’ suffering.

Exploiting the Suffering of These Sheep for Financial Gain

The obvious solution is to for you to go vegan. If you do not eat sheep they will never have to be transported from Namibia; no sheep will be trampled; no sheep will ever suffer to death; no sheep will face the terror of slaughter; in fact, you will never be responsible for any sheep being subjected to any kind of suffering again.

Instead, what is the NSPCA’s solution? To SMS ‘Donkey’ to their donations line. Unfortunately this will not help the NSPCA (in their own words) ‘be there when it matters’ as far as the sheep are concerned. It will however enable them to facilitate the slaughter and rendition of the sheep’s bodies into palatable meal size portions that are hygienically presented in cling wrapped offerings for us.

At a mere cost of R10 you can ease your conscience, free your mind of this upsetting image and abdicate your responsibility towards these sheep. You will then be unencumbered to enjoy your mutton stew as you watch adverts on TV for discounted legs of lamb at your local supermarket. In addition, a portion of your R10 will help your cellular network to achieve greater profits this financial year.

The sheep will still all suffer and die.

It is easy for you to end the exploitation of animals: simply go vegan. If you care about animals this is your moral imperative. Anything less is a cop-out and a betrayal of the animals.

Contact me to find out how you can help farm animals by adopting a joyful vegan lifestyle.

Source: NSPCA facebook post

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