Being Vegan on a Budget

When you go vegan it doesn’t mean you have to spend all your money on food. Sure, you could splurge on the wide range of fancy faux meats and dairy-free cheeses available, but it is just as convenient to prepare vegan meals that are nutritious and satisfying, on the cheap. Following are a few tips to show you how easy and inexpensive living as a vegan can be.

  • Buy in bulk
    Rice, flour, dried beans, pasta and spices are just a few things you can buy in bulk and store in canisters. Dried beans can save you lots of money, so avoid buying canned beans. Soak a packet of lentils, chickpeas or haricot beans overnight, then place in a crockpot the next morning before heading off to work. When you get home you will have perfect legumes ready to be turned into a delicious meal of your choice. You could save time by preparing large quantities and freezing meal size portions for future use.
  • Buy seasonal
    When shopping, make sure you choose the vegetables and fruits that are currently in season. They are usually cheaper than out of season items which are imported. Better yet, search out farmers markets in your area. You will find some great deals on fresh produce, while at the same time supporting your local community.
  • Grow your own
    It can be fun and easy to reap the benefits from planting your own vegetables and herbs. If you work long hours, try growing low maintenance vegetables. These include, rocket, lettuce, herbs, potatoes, beetroots, swiss chard, kale, tomatoes and rhubarb. You don’t even have to own a garden, window boxes and pot plants make great, portable container gardens.
  • Pack a lunch
    Plan ahead by packing your own lunch for work or college. This will save you from impulse buys, which almost always turn out to be expensive, junk food.
  • Home cooking
    Most items you buy from your grocery store can be prepped quickly. Hummus, bean patties and even ice cream can be whipped up in minutes. A healthy recipe for ice cream is to freeze a banana, blend until creamy and add a little cocoa powder to make a heavenly, chocolate ice cream that has all the goodness and taste, without empty calories.
  • Vinegar for cleaning
    Shop bought cleaning products are pricey and often not-environmentally or vegan friendly. Vinegar cleans superbly, leaving a sparkle on stainless steel surfaces. It is economical, uncomplicated and discourages the pesky ants that storm our kitchens during the rainy season.

You can be vegan on a budget! Photo © Dreamstime Motorolka.

It is simple things like these that can save you a lot of money. Thank you to Mel from ‘Simple Vegan Cooking’ for these great tips.

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