Are You Neglecting Your Dog?

Do you have a dog back home who is locked in a yard, or in a flat? Are you his one and only contact with the outside world? When you get to go out every day, he sits at home waiting for you. A great way for you to show your appreciation would be to take him out to see the world a little. Let him interact with other dogs and people, see other sights, smell other smells, get some exercise and have a sense of adventure on a daily basis.

Why Do You Own A Dog?

A dog is a living being. He is not an alarm system. He is not a security guard. He has needs, wants, desires and preferences. He has the ability to feel joy and fear, pleasure and pain. If an alarm system is what you need, then consider contacting a security company for an electrical installation with an armed response unit who will be far more effective than any guard dog. In the long run it will also prove to be more cost-effective.

Humans have bred dogs for our own purposes: for companionship, for protection and for sport. We have bred dogs with the characteristics we desire in them. Primarily our reasons are narcissistic because we have bred dogs to love us unconditionally. Some people call this a symbiotic relationship, however, we gain all the benefit. We hold all the power and they are totally at our mercy. We say they are members of our family, when really they are classified as our property and the only rights they have are the ones we give them.

You not only hold your dog’s life in your hands: at any point in time you could abandon him at the SPCA, or have him put down. You also hold the quality of his life in your hands. Your dog is utterly dependent on you for all of his needs from the most basic bodily functions, to obtaining any pleasure in life. He relies on you to feed him, walk him, water him, house him, play with him and clean the yard. You are the only one who can give him these basic rights as well as any joy he ever hopes to experience in his life. This places dog owners in a position of immense power which the majority of owners abuse.

Until the domestication of dogs comes to an end, they are our prisoners. This is why the domestication of animals is abhorrent.

Is this your dog? Does he stay at home all day, alone in a dirty yard, desperate for someone to play with him? Please express your love for him by treating him like the precious living being who he is, and not a security system. Photo © Karen Johnson - The Elated Vegan.

Your Dog’s Wellbeing Affects Your Neighbourhood

When your dog howls, cries and barks, pleading for your attention; it is not only your dog who is hurting. His desperate cries for help send a wave of sadness and misery throughout your entire neighbourhood. Every neighbour is filled with a sense of anger, hopelessness and despair. The children, mothers, fathers, teenagers, and everyone else who lives within a 4 block radius of your home will have to deal with the consequences of your neglect.

On the other hand, walking your dog is a great way of getting to know your neighbours. People are naturally drawn to animals and it follows that they will also be friendlier to you when you are accompanied by your dog. Everyone is touched in a positive way when they meet a happy dog.

Let Him Be A Dog

Allow him the dignity of being a dog in as many areas of his life as you can. Here are a few guidelines on how to take care of your dog:

  • Take him for a walk or run every morning.
  • Feed him every night.
  • Make sure he has access to water all day. Put his water bucket in a tyre if he tends to knock it over.
  • Make sure he has shelter from the wind, rain and sun with a comfortable place to sleep.
  • Give him a chance to socialise with other dogs.
  • Allow him to interact with other people.
  • Give him toys to play with and chew on.
  • Keep his living area clean.


Adopt Your Next Dog, Don’t Buy

Are you thinking of getting a dog? Please do not buy or breed another animal while thousands die in shelters every week. Please consider adopting your next companion animal from a shelter. You will be rewarded with years of affection and unconditional love.

If you care about your dog, then have you considered how all animals are the same? They are all sentient. They all have personalities and the ability to feel. If you care about animals, then the very least you can do is to not eat them, wear them or use them.

Feel free to contact me for more information on how you can be vegan.

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