Are Issues Surrounding Animals Really Complicated?

When looking forward to the future and how animals will safely co-exist with us in a Vegan World, we will face innumerable dilemmas. Are all issues surrounding animal-human interaction problematic, or are we investing too much time into the issues which have simple solutions that are beneficial to both humans and animals?

The Truly Complicated Issues

Deciding how much or how little we need to interfere in the lives of wild animals will always be difficult. We cannot simply section off pieces of land and abandon them there. Even though the setting may seem natural, urban sprawl will effectively trap them and prohibit them from following natural patterns of migration to counteract population explosions, or water and food crises. We need to be their guardians and do what we can to protect their continued existence on this planet.

In the present day, human interests always outweigh those of animals and our actions are mostly motivated by financial, or egotistical reasons and are very seldom altruistic. However in a Vegan World, it is inevitable that decisions will be founded on a sounder ethical basis that is free from discrimination and looks at the bigger picture.

One example of a complicated issue regarding managing animals on the brink of extinction is described in this study ‘How to Decide Whether to Move Species Threatened by Climate Change’.*

“Introducing species to areas outside their historical range to secure their future under climate change is a controversial strategy for preventing extinction. While the debate over the wisdom of this strategy continues, such introductions are already taking place. Previous frameworks for analysing the decision to introduce have lacked a quantifiable management objective and mathematically rigorous problem formulation. Here we develop the first rigorous quantitative framework for deciding whether or not a particular introduction should go ahead, which species to prioritize for introduction, and where and how to introduce them. It can also be used to compare introduction with alternative management actions, and to prioritise questions for future research. We apply the framework to a case study of tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus) in New Zealand. While simple and accessible, this framework can accommodate uncertainty in predictions and values. It provides essential support for the existing IUCN guidelines by presenting a quantitative process for better decision-making about conservation introductions.”

This cute racoon is seen as vermin by some people, however he has just as much right to live here as we do. Photo © morgueFile hotblack.

While the management of wildlife will always be a complex matter that is never clear cut, there are other issues which are straightforward and solving them is simple.

Animal Issues With Simple Solutions

The Suffering Of Animals Used For Food

Humans kill over 62 billion land animals and cause the death of over a trillion sea creatures for food. The suffering this causes animals is unthinkable. The methods we use to raise land animals and catch sea creatures for food causes tremendous environmental devastation. Add to this, the fact that consuming animal products is the leading cause of death in western societies and it is difficult to see how we can continue to justify this action with a clear conscience.

With the wide variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes and now a growing industry of delicious vegan ready-meals, there is absolutly no need to consume animal products. The solution that will completely eradicate the suffering of animals used for food is simple: Go Vegan.

Abandoned and Abused Pets

All domestication is eternal slavery and is abhorrent. We have bred these animals to satisfy our needs for unconditional love, protection and entertainment. In doing so we have rendered them completely vulnerable and they will be dependent on us forevermore. They could never be autonomous or survive in the wild where they belong.

Getting to the root of the problem is simple in theory: spay and neuter every domesticated animal. The only way to eradicate domestication is to prohibit breeding. In practice it requires vast resources. How you can help is to support sterilisation programs and not support any form of breeding whether it be purebreds or backyard breeders.

Instead of euthanasing millions of animals a year we need to adopt and foster wherever possible and commit to giving these animals the best life we can until they die of natural causes.

The Suffering Of Animals In Marine Parks And Zoos

There is no justification for enslaving, confining and training an animal to perform tricks just to entertain us. The little educational value obtained carries a huge price for the animals. It also teaches our children that the violation of another being’s inherent dignity and right to privacy and liberty is acceptable.

We need to simply withdraw our support from these organisation and endeavour to either have the animals released into a suitable wild environment if they are able to thrive, or else ensure they are taken care of at sanctuaries.

Isn’t it the logical, ethical and compassionate truth that none of the above three  issues would occur if we weren’t trying to justify our unreasonable demands for frivolous entertainment and taste satisfaction?

Yes the management of wild animals poses serious dilemmas that will take many minds, many years to resolve. However the choices you make right here and right now have a huge impact on the lives of animals.

You can do something about the suffering that results from the domestication and consumption of animals. The solution is simple: you can be vegan. If you need support or advice on how to be vegan, you are welcome to contact me.

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