April 2014 – Your Health, Easter Bunnies & How to Make Vegan Eggs!

How is 2014 going for you so far? Get your reading glasses and find somewhere you can just relax — I have tons of interesting posts and fantastic recipes for you today, to help you on your journey towards a more compassionate lifestyle… Even recipes to make your own vegan fried and hard-boiled eggs!

*New* Healthy Diet, Exercise & Inspiration

You can be all you can be with Elated Vegan Life Coaching. Photo © 123RF subbotina.

Animal Facts, Pyramids & Discussions

Are you a parent? Have you experienced the pride and joy a newborn brings? Please go vegan to give this gift to cows. Photo © 123RF Andrius Gruzdaitis.

Eggstatic About Miriam’s Vegan Eggs

What? Vegan Hard-Boiled Eggs? That is a world first! Photo © Miriam 'Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes'.

These are truly unbelievable! Do you ever reminisce over having eggs for breakfast? Nothing can come close to these recipes. They look and taste exactly like real hen’s eggs. Now you have no reason to exploit a hen for your eggs.

Is Easter All About Bunnies For You?

What happens when your Easter Bunny grows up? Please don't give animals as gifts. Photo © 123RF kzenon.

  • What To Do When Your Easter Bunny Grows Up? — Are you an animal lover who wants to give someone special the joy of owning a bunny? Please read this first.
  • The Lindt Gold Bunny Dark Chocolate is Vegan! — Now this is the perfect Easter bunny to give away and you can find it in your local supermarket.

… And More Elated Recipes For You!

Have you tried Creamy Kale? Kale is known as the vegan 'steak'. Photo © Nathan 'Vegan Dad'.

  • Kale in Cashew Cream — Kale is vitally fabulous! However if you are still adjusting to the flavour, try this simple but remarkably tasty dish.
  • Beefless Finger Licking Stew — You will love this! Miriam has veganised one of her mother’s rich, full colour and flavour Greek specialities into a luscious, warming and hearty vegan stew.
  • Raw Vanilla Coconut Ice Bonbons — These delectable vegan bonbons are lighter in texture than ice cream and will make you simply weak at the knees!

You Get 50% Off Eco-Vegan Shoes

Get your vegan shoes at half the price! Eco-Vegan Shoes is an ethical online shoe store based in UK. Get there quickly. The offer expires on 6 April.

Elated’s Legal Image Project

Hooray! Every single image on Elated is now copyright compliant and 100% legal. I just completed the huge task of replacing every single image on Elated. Time: 3 months. Number of images: 444. Cost: R2,700. Each image tells a story, like the one below.

The beauty of this veal calf blinds us to the tragedy of his life. Look a little closer and you will see how emaciated he his. Notice the ear tags that identify him for his slaughterers. Notice the thick heavy chain around his neck. He was probably only in this green field for this brief photo op.

The beauty of this calf blinds us to his tragic story. Notice the ear tags, how thin he is and the heavy chain. Please go vegan to save the lives of calves like him. Photo © Dreamstime Boris Jaroscak.

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