April 2014 – Fun Animal Games For The Kids and Delish Recipes For You

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Are you having family over this Easter weekend? Here is a complete mealplan for you and a fun new page on Elated with animal games for kids. But first, some wonderful news…

Talia Fuhrman Recipes Now on Elated!

Photo © Talia Fuhrman 'Love Your Body'.

I am so excited to have Talia join Elated’s foodie bloggers. Her vivacious site, ‘Love Your Body’, is refreshingly uplifting and her recipes are decadently healthy. Here are three of her delicious recipes that you could combine as a perfect meal to have with your family this weekend.

*New* Fun Animal Games For Kids

Photo © 123RF Chudomir Tsankov.

Are you tired of your kids playing video games? Here is a feel good page for them to enjoy. They can play an animal matching game, feed the turtles, colour in animal pictures, watch kid-friendly videos and do jigsaw puzzles. You might find they are quite addictive, but not to worry; there is no age limit, so we won’t mind if moms and dads play too! Play now…

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Wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend.

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