Animal Rights

Whether we value animals or not, they have inherent value because they value their own lives. The simple fact that they are sentient beings with needs, preferences and desires obligates us to take at least their most basic right seriously: they have the right not to be the property of others.

We are not asking that animals get to vote in the next election, or become our equals in the moral community; just that they are accepted into our moral community. They are not objects, commodities, resources or machines. They are sentient beings. We ask that their legal status gets upgraded from property to personhood.

As living beings, they also have an interest in continued life, freedom and bodily integrity. They fight against humans to protect these interests on a daily basis. We maintain that their rights to protect these interests are absolute. As such, no violation of these rights is acceptable.

Articles on Animal Rights

This cow's life matters to her. Does it matter to you? Your theory about animal rights spells the difference between life and death for her. Photo © 123RF Dmitry Kalinovsky

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