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We have an anthropocentric view of the world where everything on planet Earth is seen as resources for our use, including other living beings. We need to remind ourselves that humans are merely one species of animal. We call all other species ‘animals’, whereas, the correct term for them is ‘non-human’ animals. We also tend to forget that humans are mammals, just as are cows, goats, dolphins and sheep.

We practice speciesism by routinely killing one type of animal while professing to love another. Cows, pigs, chickens and sheep don’t see themselves as being any different from dogs, cats, horses or any other animal whom we have chosen as our ‘pet’. They all experience friendship and family ties. They all have the capacity for joy and suffering.

We abuse our dominion over animals by breeding, buying and selling, killing, using, wearing and eating them. Even the animals who we bring into our homes are nothing more than slaves to our whims and fickle fancies.

Let’s take a look at how non-human animals fit into ‘our’ world.

Articles on Animal Issues

Animals are conscious. They are self aware. They have personalities, preferences and desires. Let's respect their right to life and give them autonomy over their lives. Photo © 123Rf Javier Brosch.

Do you see a difference between pets and farm animals? If you care about any animals the next logical step is for you to stop eating them, wearing them and using them

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